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How PR Agencies Do Crisis Management?

No company would like to fall into a crisis situation. But, if it happens PR leads the process of Crisis Management.

A crisis is a situation when some unpredictable events occur that can harm the reputation of an organization before its stakeholders, or the public in general. Thus, it is the work of the PR team to handle such a situation and maintain the reputation of the organization in the market throughout the crisis.

Public Relations plays a very vital role in an organization and a PR professional knows how to change the public prescription. They are like a support system of a company. They manage the situation whenever disaster strikes.

PR professionals know when and what to say, they influence the public by using the right words and also by doing a marketing campaign.

Still, people don’t know how PR agencies help a company in crisis management. So, for them, we have provided a short blog that describes the role of PR in crisis management.

Role of PR in crisis management

There is a lot of work that PR agencies manage, they know how to respond to the grudges of their customers, throw negative comments out of the box, and help in regaining the reputation of a company.

Let’s have a glance at some of the major steps involved in doing crisis management.


PR professionals track all the news ranging against its client and then calculate the severity of the problem.

If a company is facing a crisis, then the first work of their PR team is to research. Like they find out the reason behind the crisis, what sorts of rumors are spreading in the market, and why. After that, they make a plan and strategy.

Gives guidance

The company’s PR agency analyzes the problem and advises on how to solve the problem.

The PR team evaluates the background of the company, the nature of the current crisis, and gives step-by-step guidance.

Handel press and media attention

After the circulation of unfavorable information about the company, the PR team starts responding to what’s happening in the media and keeps on suggesting to their client how to handle the situation.

They make statements on behalf of their client so that they can answer the questions and raise concerns.

Regular support

Even when the company has successfully gone through the initial stage of crisis management, the PR agency works for regaining its reputation.

They also create a plan for a marketing strategy that attracts more attention to the positive aspects of the brand’s personality, set up important press releases, and try to shift the focus of the public from the incident and help the company in getting back on track.

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