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How COVID-19 Impacted the PR Industry

‘COVID-19’, the virus has shaken the whole world and undoubtedly it has impacted every industry. 

We all know that the growth of the PR industry is mainly dependent on the growth of other industries. But now, every business has lowered its budget due to this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Thus, this has directly thrown one of the biggest challenges to the PR industry.

Challenges faced by the PR industry

Several companies have reduced their PR budgets due to the pandemic. Even they have put the working of the PR team on hold until the situation gets under control.

In this scenario, companies have been avoiding product launches in the market, media events, and other promotional events have also been affected where the PR team plays a vital role.

Also, this situation has forced companies to demand more from their PR team and they are expecting a highly vigorous approach from them.

Work from home is one of the most heard terms during the lockdown situation. Every company has adapted this mode of working either willingly or forcefully. However, it is not compatible with every working professional. 

This mode of working has proved to be very challenging for professionals in the PR industry. The PR team generally works in the field so it was getting difficult for professionals to work from home.

It was quite problematic for the PR industry to manage everything on calls, video calls, even they had to arrange online campaigns to strengthen the work efficiency.

Therefore, amid COVID-19 it was really difficult for the PR team to handle the situation such as maintaining the relationship with clients, media relations, sustaining creativity level, etc.

How can the industry recover?

The need for a PR team for companies is never going to end as they play a very important role for any type of organization. Even they are the only ones who will do the crisis management once things will be back on track.

The only thing which the PR team has to do is to change their strategies and tactics according to the current market situation; they need to assure that social media and digital media strategies are as significant as their new media strategies. They have to show some effort to understand public behavior and work accordingly.

PR professionals are great at coming up with creative ideas and they never miss the chance to convert challenges into opportunities. So, it is expected that they will overcome this situation as well. 

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